This is one of my masterpieces where I am really proud of.


Thanks to Fratelli Boffi for the incredible 3 mounts of internship

KNAC Oldenbroek revival 1938-2018

First, Second and Third places ad the Oldenbroek revival


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This is my first project made with my own laser cutter. I am super proud of it

Yin yang clock

Proof that veneer can be used in different devices


For some reason this Wolf looks right at me every time I walk by it.

Potere incredibile

There is so much more in a person then we can see with the naked eye


This represent the most lovely Italian family I know.


My grandma loves orchid’s. So I made this one for here.


With this one I wanted to proof you can make 3D images with wood.


I made this for my mother because it was mothers Day